Mason Jar Thumpers

Mason Jar Thumpers

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This mason jar thumper can be soldered to your existing 1/2" copper tubing. Vapor travels down it's splash tube and condenses while submerged in fluid. The copper tees' path then allows vapors to continue upwards to be condensed elsewhere.

Alternatively, it can be used in essential oil extraction by filling the thumper with botanicals or other organics, and extracting via steam from a boiler.

As a general rule, thumpers should be at least 1/3 the volume of your boiler. Because mason jars are smaller than a full size thumper, it is recommended to use several in your system for satisfactory operation.

Traditionally thumpers are filled with the low wines of a previous distillation. Incoming hot vapors from the boiler heat the contents of the thumper, effectively distilling the contents a second time. A thumpers' namesake is derived from the cavitation of these vapors, causing a knocking or 'thumping' noise.