Where can I find more information on home distilling?

A great website for general information is https://homedistiller.org/ and their forums at https://homedistiller.org/forum/

How much alcohol can I make?

That will vary greatly with what your mash or wash consists of. As an example, let's say you have 10 gallons (about 45L) of an all-grain mash at %10abv. There will be about 1 gallon (or about 4.5L) of alcohol present. But, not all of that alcohol is preferable; after being generous in your cuts, there may only be 50% of preferable distillate. That would yield 0.5 gallons (or about 2.3L) of desirable alcohol.

Why do your reflux columns come with 4 bubble plates and not more?

While any order can be customized for more plates, starting with 4 plates allows you to distill up to 95%abv as well as produce a flavored spirit of any type. This is a flexible and cheap setup for the hobbyist distiller.

What is the benefit of using plates over copper packing?

In short, there aren't any. There is nothing wrong with column packing, such as copper mesh, raschig rings, and stainless steel saddles.  The benefits of a plated column are, however, a consistent flavored product, simplified setup, and minimal maintenance.

Why are your plate sections copper?

Having copper in the vapor path helps reduce sulfur compounds in the final product. This helps prevent a meaty, off-tasting flavor.

Is distilling alcohol illegal?

That depends on where you live. In many places, it is illegal to distill alcohol without a permit. However, water, essential oils, and fuel alcohol can also be distilled with our equipment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with and follow your local laws regarding the distillation of alcohol. Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to abide by your local laws and use your equipment responsibly, not ours.

Where can I find resources on starting a distillery?

The legal framework of starting a distillery in Canada is complex and outside the scope of this FAQ. Mike Hook of Intrepid Law provides a great read on this: