Copper Ferrules
2" ferrules inserted into 2" pipe
Copper Ferrules

Copper Ferrules

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These copper ferrules are 1" long (7/8" jacket, 1/8" flange). Perfect for soldering, brazing, or welding to a 2", 3", or 4" copper column. These ferrules are made so that their respective diameter copper pipe will slide over top of them.

The 2" ferrules can also be used as an adapter for beer kegs. The outside diameter of this ferrule's flange will match the sanke fitting of a beer keg. A flat silicone washer is recommended as a gasket.

Copper Tubing Sizes

Different types of copper pipe have varying inside diameters. These ferrules are ideally fitted to type M pipe, will fit on type L or K with some effort, and will be slightly loose on DMV.

These ferrules measure approximately as:

Ferrule Size
Outside Diameter
50.5mm (1.988")
3" 76mm (2.992")
4" 101.5mm (3.996")