Frank's Apple Pie Moonshine Spice
Frank's Apple Pie Moonshine Spice
Frank's Apple Pie Moonshine Spice

Frank's Apple Pie Moonshine Spice

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Created with our own unique blend of spices, our apple pie moonshine spice provides a delicious base to be endlessly modified. 

A guaranteed hit around the campfire!


Add the sachet to a 1L mason jar and pour in 750ml of 45% abv spirit. Allow it to steep for at least 36 hours. We have found the most robust flavour comes from one week of steeping. Remove the sachet and top up with 250ml of apple juice or equivalent. The final proof will be about 30% abv (60 proof). Best served cold on ice.

What kind of apple juice should I use?

Freshly pressed apple juice, apple juice from concentrate, and frozen apple juice concentrate will all taste excellent. Apple cider will add some complexity - but for even more depth, try mulled apple cider.

Note: For serious sweetness, reduce the apple juice in a saucepan to a syrup-like consistency.

Should I add brown sugar?

You certainly can! Brown sugar should be added by boiling it in the apple juice. However, we recommend trying small amounts at first. You may find that it's sweet enough to begin with. As well, any more than 1 cup tends to be overpowering.

What kind of spirit should I use?

Any neutral or lightly flavoured spirit will do, such as vodka, corn whiskey, or white rum. The goal is to highlight the flavours of the spices, in conjunction with your apple juice of choice. Corn whiskey adds a further touch of vanilla, while rum will make it sweeter.

What if I don't have any apple juice?

Skip the addition of apple juice and drink your flavoured spirit straight - you've just made whiskey fireball!